Dear visitor,

Thanks for visiting this website. This website was original build in the dutch language and is mainly intended for use in the local neigberhood. As I have understood some visitors comes from outside our country or has been located here for work or other reasons.

Welcome to read this article and explore this site because the christian faith is a religion for this world and here in The Netherlands as part of the plan of our God. This website is intended to make people known with the Bible and to help them to read the Bible. Espacially for them who have never heard about God and his work by Jesus.

I hope to provide you some tips:

  • In this age it is possible to translate this website and our articles. I’m not sure how our articles will be translated in different language but possible you can understand what is meant by translate this website automaticly
  • You can use the links below for international oriented websites and read the Bible in the English language
  • Possible you can visit an international orientated church service or join online.

You can explore this links for online bible versions:

Genesis 1 | NKJV Bijbel | YouVersion (

Original Kings James version


Manual to install bible app on smartphone

Install Bible app on Android, Samsung smartphone ore tablet

Install Bible app on iPhone ore iPad


Possible I will provide some more multi-language oriented links but not sure when. If you have some links you always can recommend them to me. Feel free to respond with a message. Notice that you always can reach God in pray.

Thanks and wish you all the best.
Arjan Lobbezoo